Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Art Event #1
Ordover Gallery: Abe Ordover
The gallery was filled with pictures, mostly from the photographer named Abe Ordover. Most of the pictures he took looked like they were hand painted which was really interesting. Ordover is very skilled in creating that illusion of making the audience think they are looking at a painting, but in reality are actually looking at a taken photograph. Most of his photographs are of people, nature, landscape and animals. His animal pictures really caught my eye. The timing and the way he captured the animals in their habitats is really interesting. It is amazing on how most of his pictures of animals are kind of looking directly at the camera. I don't know how up close he got in taking those pictures, but it still amazing that photographers are able to take pictures of animals on the spot like that, let alone producing a quality picture that is really clear and up on your face that you can almost touch it.

Art Event #2
VSAR 440 Advanced Digital Art: Photography Book Presentation
I was able to participate in a book exhibition event on campus. It was a semesters work of taking a series of photographs and editing them in Photoshop. The series consist of food, fashion, portraits, and landscapes. At the end of the semester, we publish a book to showcase all the photos and work we have done. I decided to focus on fashion, particularly shoes. My pictures had different angles and effects on the shoes, which came out really nice. I was able to see my other colleagues book and saw the work they've done this semester. It was interesting to see different ways to go about on a project and how to incorporate it with the assignment.

Art Event #3
Acting Workshop with Jose Yenque and Film Screening of his film "Between"
It was very interesting to participate in the acting workshop. It was amazing to see an actor on television to come and host an acting workshop. I was able to learn a lot from his workshop and I was able to find my inner voice and portray it through the camera. The workshop was a great way to experience different forms of portraying and putting your voice out there. Actors and artists try to put their work out there for people to see, and it was interesting to get a bit of both styles at once.
The film, "Between", was an interesting movie to see. Jose Yenque talked about his role as a detective in this film. He mentioned how he had to deal with other actors and the roles in the script. It was interesting to get a story behind the scenes of how the cast and crew work with the actors and video editors.

Art Event #4
Balboa Park MOPA: Beloved Daughters Exhibition
I was able to catch the Beloved Daughters Exhibition at Balboa Park. This exhibition must be the most emotional and heartbreaking out of all the galleries, art shows, exhibition and art events I've been to. It was hard to view the photos of the wives and the little girls, especially after reading the description and the stories behind them. These women were basically being punished for many different reasons like for giving birth to girls and not giving birth to boys.
They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but the pictures in this exhibition goes way beyond that. Photographs in the exhibition are really an eye opener of what is going on in other parts of the world. The photos portrayed a lot of sad and torn emotions. The women and girls in the photos are not smiling and it went even well with the picture being grayed because it emphasized more of the sad emotions.

Art Event #5
Art Installation
I was able to go to the art installation on campus. There was a lot of different techniques and styles used in the installation. One of the art installations that caught my attention was one that my friend did. He captured a fireplace on video and played it on a monitor and underneath was a heater. He basically created an illusion where you see the fire digitally and also able to feel the warmth of the flame at the same time, as if your actually sitting down in front of a fireplace.

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